About the College

Honors & Awards

Research Awards

College of the Arts Scholarship Enhancement Fund (SEF)

2014-15 Faculty Projects                                                                                                      

Anthea Behm (School of Art + Art History)
ArtSpace International Residency                        

Anna Calluori-Holcombe (School of Art + Art History)     
The Use of New Technologies in the Ceramics Studio                

Richard Heipp (School of Art + Art History)          
Systems of Looking and Seeing--Process & Product

Lisa Iglesias (School of Art + Art History)           
Creation of new work for a March 2015 solo exhibition in New York City

Guolong Lai (School of Art + Art History)             
Modernity and Monuments in East Asia 

Jack Stenner (School of Art + Art History)             
Augenblick 2: Installation Support                                          

Gladdys, Katerie  (School of Art + Art History)          
Eccentric Grids: Mapping the Managed Forest                                      

Hyde, Melissa  (School of Art + Art History)                      
Women in French Art (book project); Becoming a Woman in the Age of Enlightenment (exhibition, catalogue essay)                                                 

Nan Smith (School of Art + Art History)              
Water:  CodeBlue 

Maya Stanfield-Mazzi (School of Art + Art History)                     
Research Travel for 2 Book Chapters:  Clothing the New World Church:  Liturgical Textiles of Colonial Spanish America                        

Glenn Willumson (School of Art + Art History)             
Early Photography in Scotland:  Treasures from the University of Scotland                     

Kristen Stoner (School of Music)                
Invited Concert Tour of France:  "Couleurs Complementaires: Flute & Organ Works by 20th Century French and American Composers"                      

Laura Ellis (School of Music)                 
Music for the Testaments, Old and New:  a CD Recording                                                

Mitch Estrin (School of Music)             
Chronicling a Musical Legend

Jonathan Helton (School of Music)             
International Concert and Master Class Presentations 2015-16

Kevin Marshall (School of Theatre & Dance)             
Gator Tales at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 

Ralf Remshardt (School of Theatre & Dance)             
Drama as Augmented Reality                                                       

Student Research

University Scholars Program

2015-16 Awards

          Student                                Mentor                                      Research Topic

  • Dessarae Bassil                 Lisa Iglesias                        To establish a case that innovative, spectacular art and movements come from a place of humor and play.   
  • Ediel Dominguez                Anna Calluori-Holcombe     To merge 3D technology with traditional ceramic building methods to produce a body of work.
  • Kim Estoesta                      Brian Slawson                     Work as a research assistant to help carry out the creative methods used in Prof Slawson's Visualizing History project.
  • Amanda Stambrosky          Joan Frosch                        My research will occur over 7 weeks in summer 2015 where I will interview and shadow NYC-based artists and producers.
  • Esrom Williams, Jr.            Trent Williams, Jr.                I plan to develop a 10-minute contemporary dance work, titled Enliven and how it is impacted by Caribbean culture.
  • Rae Knopik                         Joan Frosch                        Through interviews and wellness engagements with dancers, I plan to identify how dance students approach nourishment.

College of the Arts:  2015 Student Creative Research Awards

Best of College - Visual/Digital Arts

  • Alyssa Couturier-Herndon              Theatre and Dance
  • Thomas Storey                                 Art + Art History
  • Darius Brown                                    Digital Worlds Institute

Best of College - Performance

  • Amanda Schlachter                           Theatre and Dance
  • Megan Wicks                                     Theatre and Dance
  • Gerard Weber                                    Music

Best of College - Scholarly Writing

  • Leslie Todd                                        Art + Art History
  • Hannah Lewis                                    Art + Art History
  • Navid Bargrizan                                 Music
  • Michael Vincent                                 Music

Best of School/Center/Institute

  • Brooke Borgert                                  Center for Arts in Medicine
  • Ariel Reich                                         Center for Arts in Medicine                   
  • Mary McLean                                     Music
  • Leslie Todd                                       Art + Art History
  • Thomas Storey                                 Art + Art History
  • Mallory Scottow                                Art + Art History
  • Hannah Lewis                                   Art + Art History
  • Shanna Ferris                                   Art + Art History
  • Chelsea Rowe                                  Art + Art History
  • Alyssa Couturier-Herndon               Theatre and Dance
  • Amanda Schlachter                         Theatre and Dance
  • Javon Johnson                                 Theatre and Dance
  • Megan Wicks                                   Theatre and Dance
  • Debbie Maciel                                  Theatre and Dance
  • Michael Pemberson                         Theatre and Dance
  • Ethan Tripp                                      Digital Worlds Institute
  • Darius Brown                                   Digital Worlds Institute
  • Seth Piguet                                      Digital Worlds Institute
Excellence Award for Assistant Professors

*Joyce Tsai, School of Art + Art History  College and university award winner

Charlie Mitchell, School of Theatre & Dance

Maya Stanfield-Mazzi, School of Art + Art History

*Elizabeth Ross, School of Art + Art History  College and university award winner

Jack Stenner, School of Art + Art History                                                                                          

Tiza Garland, School of Theatre & Dance

Guolong Lai, School of Art + Art History

International Educator of the Year


Robin Poynor, School of Art + Art History (Senior)
(No Junior faculty nomination)


Barbara Barletta, School of Art + Art History (Senior)
Maya Stanfield-Mazzi, School of Art + Art History (Junior)


Anna Calluori Holcombe, School of Art + Art History (Senior)
Mohamed DaCosta, School of Theatre + Dance (Junior)


Melissa Hyde, School of Art + Art History (Senior)
*Elizabeth Ross, School of Art + Art History (Junior)  College and university-level winner


Ralf Remshardt, School of Theatre + Dance (Senior)
Neta Pulvermacher, School of Theatre + Dance (Junior)


Maria Rogal, School of Art + Art History (Senior)
*Guolong Lai, School of Art + Art History (Junior) College and university-level winner


Paul Richards, School of Music (Senior)
Lauren Lake, School of Art + Art History (Junior)


*Joan Frosch, School of Theatre + Dance (Senior)  College and university-level winner
*Vicki Rovine, School of Art + Art History (Junior)  College and university-level winner


David Kushner, School of Music (Senior)
Sergio Vega, School of Art + Art History (Junior)


Sharon Boaz, School of Music (Senior)
*Melissa Hyde, School of Art + Art History (Junior) College and university-level winner

Sabbatical Leaves

2015-16 Sabbatical Leaves

Elizabeth Ross                                           Fall 2015 - Spring 2016               School of Art + Art History

Guolong Lai                                                Fall 2015 - Spring 2016               School of Art + Art History

Margaret Butler                                           Fall 2015 - Spring 2016              School of Music

Stan Kaye                                                   Fall 2015 - Spring 2016               School of Theatre & Dance

Brian Slawson                                             Fall 2015                                      School of Art + Art History

Kevin Marshall                                            Spring 2016                                 School of Theatre & Dance

Teacher/Advisor of the Year

Year                    Winner                            Award                                School

1975                Frank Wickes                     Teaching                          Music

1976               Al Wehlburg                        Teaching                         Theatre & Dance

1977              Marcia Isaacson                   Teaching                         Art + Art History

1978              Mark Ostoich                        Teaching                         Music

1979              Gwen West                           Teaching                        Theatre & Dance

1980              Janice Yellin                          Teaching                        Art + Art History

1981              Elizabeth Graham                 Teaching                        Music

1982             Richard Green                       Teaching                        Theatre & Dance

1983             Linda Spicher                         Teaching                        Music

1984             Jerry Cutler                             Teaching                        Art + Art History

1985             Russell Robinson                    Teaching                        Music

1986            Kenneth Kerslake                     Teaching                        Art + Art History

1987            Jim Wren                                  Teaching                        Theatre & Dance

1988            David Kushner                           Teaching                       Music

1988            Marcia Isaacson                        Teaching                        Art + Art History

1989            Louise Rothman                        Advising                         Art + Art History

1990            Ina Caire Jaeger                        Teaching                        Music

1990            *David Stanley                          Teaching                       Art + Art History  (also university-level winner)

1990            Ric Rose                                    Teaching                        Theatre & Dance

1991            Phyllis Dorman                           Teaching                        Music

1991           Judith Midyett                              Advising                        Theatre & Dance

1992           Daniel Conway                            Teaching                       Theatre & Dance

1992           John Grigsby                               Advising                         Music

1993           Jerry Cutler                                 Teaching                         Art + Art History

1993           *Terry Small                                Teaching                       Music (also university-level winner)

1994           Linda DiFiore                              Teaching                          Music

1994           Heather Hollingsworth                Teaching                          Theatre & Dance

1995           *Paul Basler                                Teaching                        Music (also university-level winner)

1995           Kandace Brooks                         Advising                            Music

1996           Richard Heipp                             Teaching                           Art + Art History

1996           Budd Udell                                  Teaching                           Music

1997           Elizabeth Graham                       Teaching                           Music

1997           Mikell Pinkney                             Teaching                          Theatre & Dance

1998           Kenneth Broadway                      Teaching                          Music

1999           Kevin Sharpe                               Teaching                          Music

1999           Leslie Cannon                              Advising                           Art + Art History

2000           Melissa Hyde                               Teaching                          Art + Art History

2000          Ric Rose                                       Teaching                          Theatre & Dance

2001          Valerie Mendoza                           Teaching                          Art + Art History

2002          Mutlu Çitim-Kepic                          Advising                           Music

2003          Craig Roland                                 Teaching                          Art + Art History

2004          David Kushner                              Teaching                           Music

2004          Leslie Odom                                  Advising                            Music

2005          Robin Poynor                                Advising                            Art + Art History

2006          *Gary Langford                            Teaching                          Music  (also university-level winner)

2007          Richard Heipp                               Teaching                            Art + Art History

2008          Lauren Lake                                  Teaching                            Art + Art History

2009          Neta Pulvermacher                        Teaching                           Theatre & Dance

2010          Tiza Garland                                  Teaching                           Theatre & Dance

2011          *Elizabeth Ross                             Teaching                         Art + Art History  (also university-level winner)

2012         Jay Watkins                                    Teaching                            Music

2013         Victoria Rovine                                Teaching                           Art + Art History

2013          Margaret Butler                              Advising/Mentoring            Music

2014          *Mutlu Çitim-Kepic                       Professional Advisor      Music (also university-level winner)

2014          Lisa Iglesias                                   Teaching                            Art + Art History

Teacher/Scholar of the Year

2008                  Richard Heipp                            Art + Art History

2009                  Kelly Drummond Cawthon        Theatre & Dance

2010                  No Nominee                              

2011                  Paul Richards                             Music

2012                  Celeste Roberge                        Art + Art History

2013                  Ralf Remshardt                         Theatre & Dance

2014                  Paul Richards                             Music

2015                  Tony Mata                                 Theatre & Dance

UF Research Foundation Professorship

The University of Florida Research Foundation Professorship (UFRF) is awarded to tenured faculty members who have a distinguished current record of research.  The purpose of these awards is to recognize current contributions and to provide incentives for continued excellence in research.  Each three-year UFRF Professorship includes:  $5000 annual salary supplement for the three years of the award and a $3000 grant to support research, given in year one of the three-year tenure of the Professorship.  A maximum of 34 new awards are given annually throughout the university and the College of the Arts is allotted one of these awards.  The call for nominations is usually sent out in mid-January, submission deadline is in late March/early April, and awards are announced in early May.

List of College Recipients of the UFRF Professorship

1998                       Linda Arbuckle                                                  School of Art + Art History

1999                       Richard Heipp                                                    School of Art + Art History

2000                       Nan Smith                                                           School of Art + Art History

2001                       Paul Basler                                                          School of Music

2002                       Barbara Barletta                                               School of Art + Art History

2003                       Charles Hoffer                                                   School of Music

2004                       Celeste Roberge                                              School of Art + Art History

2005                       Russell Robinson                                              School of Music

2006                       Ralf Remshardt                                                 School of Theatre & Dance

2007                       Alex Alberro                                                       School of Art + Art History

2008                       Melissa Hyde                                                     School of Art + Art History

2009                       Kevin Orr                                                             School of Music

2010                       Paul Richards                                                     School of Music

2011                       Sergio Vega                                                        School of Art + Art History

2012                       Joan Frosch                                                        School of Theatre & Dance

2013                       Glenn Willumson                                             School of Art + Art History

2014                       Anna Calluori Holcombe                                  School of Art + Art History

2015                       Richard Heipp                                                  School of Art + Art History